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Stefanini plans to recruit 50 employees by the end of the year


Stefanini Romania, the local subsidiary of Stefanini, one of the leading global players in the outsourcing of IT services, intends to recruit 50 more people for their branch in Sibiu. By the end of 2015 the subsidiary will number 250 employees.

Stefanini hired this year approximately 65 people in Sibiu, especially for the position of Helpdesk Technician – German, Spanish, Italian and French speakers. At the same time, the company also recruits internally, offering their employees the chance to promote internally to positions such as Senior Helpdesk Technician, Trainer, Case Team Assistant Team Leader, Incident Controller, Quality Specialist, Account Liaison, Project Coordinator.

In the next couple of months the company  intends to recruit 50 more people for their branch in Sibiu:

“In the near future we are expecting new colleagues to fill different positions inside our organization. We are focused on foreign languages literates, especially German, Spanish, Italian, French speakers. Internally, several positions have been opened and are waiting on applicants: Project Coordinators, Incident Controllers, Quality Specialists, Trainers and Project Trainers” –  Oana Calcan, recruitment coordinator, Stefanini Romania.

Although Stefanini is a company specialized on outsourcing of IT services, the majority of the employees in Sibiu are foreign language or public relations graduates. The young professionals are keen on building a career in IT, demonstrating that this domain is accessible, especially if we are to consider the internal trainings provided by Stefanini.

“At the same time, we have colleagues that are IT graduates as well. Besides formal training, we aim to identify candidates that are able to work well in a team, have communication skills and are results oriented “ Oana Calcan added.

The recruitment process in Sibiu runs a little bit faster than the one in Bucharest. Thus, one of three people contacted by the company via recruitment platforms are submitted to an interview. After the interview takes place, the success rate is over 60%.

In general, the labor market in Sibiu has become increasingly dynamic in the recent years – many companies have opened branches here, offering interesting opportunities for young professionals. This town has a large number of German speakers. This community presents several challenges, that Stefanini is trying to overcome:

“We have noticed that more and more high school graduates are looking to follow the courses of German, Austrian or Swiss Universities. We think that this fact alone represents a great challenge for the business market in Sibiu and we are focused on attracting and retaining professionals” – Monica Marin, HR specialist, Stefanini Romania

Customers for whom Stefanini Sibiu delivers projects are developing in very different areas, from automotive and pharma to apparel and consulting company with extensive experience in the outsourcing market.

Stefanini’s main competitors are CGS, Telepormance Romania, Webhelp, Blue Point, Competence Call Center.

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