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Speak your way to Success! An Advanced Public Speaking Course

Cluj fac de business cea mai buna

When: 28 – 29 August;  23-24 September; 17- 18 October;

Course Overview:

In this interactive and highly engaging workshop you will discover how to enhance your ability to present with impact and power – even in demanding situations. Using the full range of training approaches – including voice warm-up sessions, facilitated discussion, debates on social topics, sample clips of great speakers in action, research on the qualities of excellent presenters, and lots and lots of activities – this course is interesting, lively and effective. You will have several opportunities to give presentations and receive effective feedback from one of the best Romanian speakers of the moment – enabling you move forward rapidly in your knowledge and ability to present with maximum impact.

Being a confident, powerful and authentic presenter is essential in today’s competitive business environment. Whether you’re delivering to clients or colleagues, strong presentation skills are essential for success. Don’t miss this crucial opportunity to learn to present with impact, gravitas and influence.



By the end of this course participants will:

  • Be able to prepare effective and powerful audience-centered presentations
  • Have a benchmark of best practice for what masterful presenters do and say
  • Appreciate how to adjust messages to suit the situation and the audience
  • Understand the power of confidence, conviction and commitment
  • Have developed their vocal power for even greater impact and presence
  • Feel more comfortable when presenting with little preparation or to bigger groups
  • Know how to use stories, case studies and analogies for memorable presentations
  • Be able to deal with questions, challenges and interruptions with confidence
  • Know how to inspire, influence others to change mindset and behavior

Your investment: 450 EUR + TVA

Where: Howard Johnson Hotel, Bucharest


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