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Romania – the land of Shared Service Centers


        There are more and more positive signs which makes Romania a top outsourcing destination for opening new Shared Service Centers in Eastern Europe:

– Based on 2014 Top 100 Outsourcing Destinations of the world – report produced by Tholons, Romania (Bucharest) is still on top 40 and gained 4 points vs. 2013;

– Based on ABSL (Business Service Leaders Association) – Romania, the Romanian outsourcing market will grow with 20% in 2014;

– Many existing investors in Shared Service Centers (e.g Microsoft, Oracle)  have announced the expansion of their investment in Romania because they applied & accessed  EU founds in order to create more jobs locally;


– Starting with 2013 more and more companies selected Romania as a destination for starting their Shared Service Centers at EMEA level first. (E.g: Deutche Telecom, Vodafone).  

So,  if we read correctly the recent  signs, Romania seems to be choice number one  in terms of hosting new Shared Service Centers operations start-ups, in Eastern Europe, for major multinational players!

Shared Service Center market in Romania it is not a new one, started in 2004 when companies like Oracle and than HP, Microsoft, Endava, EON, Deutche Telecom, Office Depot, Temenos, Stefanini and many others – set-up their service centers in Romania in different cities like Bucharest, Cluj, Iasi, Timisoara, Brasov and Sibiu.


What makes Romania attractive for Shared Service Centers investors?  Here are a few arguments: – – Multi-language capability: in Bucharest for example in many of the SSC’s  you can find teams with 24 languages spoken which makes Romania unique as outsourcing destination in this part of the world;

– The mix of technical skills plus language skills is also unique for this part of the world;

– Considering the Romanian experience in SSC’s versus other new European locations on the outsourcing map, you can find locally experienced managers/leaders/consultants which can accelerate your start-up and can reduce your implementation costs;

– Most of the SSC’s based in Romania are handling mainly Customer Support, Finance, HR &  Recruitment operations.

The future looks good for current SSC’s and potential investors – there are more and more partnerships built with Ministry of Education in order to support future pools of resources needed in this industry, there is more lobby than in previous years done by Outsourcing Advisors,  ABSL Romania and other entities,  in order to make Romania more visible on the Outsourcing map.

Fore more personalized info about RO Outsourcing market, please contact office@outsourcingadvisors.ro


Author: Amalia Sterescu, Sr. Outsourcing Business Consultant

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