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New jobs at EBS Romania

Outsourcing advisors EBS Romania

Integrated management software solutions provider , ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) EBS  has plans to recruit over  100 people by the end of 2013.Moreover , during the first quarter of the year the company has hired another 100 employees for their  vacant jobs.

The company currently has over 550 employees and during the first half of the year they have invested approximately 150.000 Euros in the personal development of their staff, expansion and equipping new offices. EBS has centers in Bucharest, Brasov, Sibiu, Timisoara, Cluj-Napoca and Iasi.

“In the first six months of this year the EBS team has grown with over 100 people.We are constantly  recruiting as per the market request and we believe that we are in need of the same number of new employees by the end of 2013” Daniel Metz said ( CEO EBS Romania).

“For the upcoming period of time 352 hours of technical and soft skills trainings are planned and over 390 of our colleagues have already attended these sort of activities during their working hours” Daniel Metz

“At the beginning of the year the EBS Career Kick off program has been implemented dedicated especially to the 130 new comers inside the company. The purpose of this program is to guide the new employees towards the correct and suitable professional path. So far, we have succeeded to guide over 42 juniors inside the project” Adela Neagu explained ,  Human Resources, Integration & Career Development  Manager

Another project that comes as a helping hand for the employee’s needs is the “EBS Moves Around” project. Through this particular program EBS Romania offers its people the flexibility and opportunity to relocate anytime, in any of its locations in the country, while having safe and professional future.

“We all find ourselves at a certain point in our lives facing difficult and perhaps unpleasant challenges that have to overcome. As a direct result, we have created the EBS Moves Around project and we intend to go beyond the idea of being just another company on the market”  Adela Neagu added

You can find the company’s open positions and all the info you desire on their official site , here.


Article initially appeared on incomemagazine.ro


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