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NASA SPACE APPS CHALLENGE 2017 – World’s biggest hackathon

The world’s biggest hackathon NASA SPACE APPS CHALLENGE 2017 will return to Romania and will be held simultaneously in Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca and Timisoara, between 29-30 April 2017.
As partners of the event, Outsourcing Advisors will be alongside students, programmers, scientists, teachers, technologists, artists, designers, engineers, storytellers, or entrepreneurs who will participate for two days at the biggest programming contest in the world.

This year’s NASA-listed topics are centered around our planet:

  • The Earth and Us
  • Planetary Blues
  • Warning! Danger Ahead!
  • Our Ecological Neighborhood
  • Ideate and Create!

Participants can choose an issue they want to solve according to their field, difficulty level  and interest. They will develop innovative, open-source solutions to the 25 Global Impact Issues related to space exploration and planetary social needs using NASA’s datasets. The resulting solutions range from mobile applications to games, hardware and more.
After the 48-hour hackathon, local juries will designate, for each city, up to two projects that will be forwarded to the international jury for evaluation, together with a project nominated as the most popular or the People’s Choice Award .
Winners of the competition will be invited to a NASA launch!

The World Needs Our Ideas!

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