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Microsoft plans to hire hundreds of employees in Romania, in the years to follow



Microsoft plans to hire hundreds of IT specialists in the next five years in Romania and this number will be added to the current 700 employees the company already has in our country.

As per Andrew Townhill, EMEA Chief Technology Officer Microsoft Customer Services and Support, in Romania there are many young graduates that are proficient in foreign languages. They are also IT skilled and are attracted to the latest technology, making them the perfect resource pool for the American multinational.

“Everything is connected to the future. If we were to take a look back, a normal family of 5 used to have only one personal computer at home that was being used by all family members. At present, in addition to the traditional PC we also see a tablet, a laptop, a smartphone and all sort of different devices. Things are developing in a rapid manner. Of course, we cannot completely predict the future, but as an IT technology leader you always have to think about the next step” – Andrew Townhill declared.

Florin Grama, Director of Customer Service & Support Division at Microsoft Romania, declared that the company will hire employees from all over the world.

“The total number of 700 we have at present are divided into two divisions – one for sales and marketing and one for other services and technical support for customers in Europe, Middle East and Africa. We have 600 technical specialists and 100 employees in sales and marketing. Until now the number of employees increased by 100-150 people every year. I anticipate a similar trend in the upcoming years” – Grama declared

“Romania starts to be a very important player. Our country currently has 60,000 employees that work in the outsourcing field, compared with Poland for instance, that has 150,000 employees. This industry has grown in the past decade about 20% per year. The predictions for the next years show an increase of 10% in Central and Eastern Europe. In Romania we foresee an increase of 30%. A variety of analyzes show that in Central and Eastern Europe Romania is likely to take a great number of jobs that will be brought in this area. However, our strongest opponents are countries such as India that represent a great threat for us in terms of outsourced jobs. Romania has all the chances to attract foreign companies, given the fact that we find ourselves in the top countries that provide excellent support in terms of outsourcing” – Georgiana Andrei, Office & Retail Agency Director at Colliers

In the region, over 30% of companies have opened new centers in more than one city. In Romania, 90% of outsourcing companies are concentrated one city – Bucharest. But the country offers growth potential in other Romanian cities as well.


Source : wall-street.ro


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