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Managing remote teams

Duration: 2 days

Audience: Team-leaders and senior managers managing remote and virtual teams.


Working remotely and in virtual teams has become commonplace in today’s business environment and this creates some significant management challenges. This course will address these challenges and introduce practical tools and techniques that can be used and applied immediately.

The course is structured around 5 key pillars critical in remote management situations:

  1. Community: how to create a sense of community in remote or virtual teams; how to align loyalties; the importance of a clear vision and goals; building productive relationships and managing motivation.
  2. Cooperation: how cooperation changes in remote teams; when to work together and when to work independently; influencing without authority; building trust and loyalty.
  3. Control: how to balance trust and control; where to get involved, where to avoid getting involved; when and where you can let go; cross-cultural issues.
  4. Coaching: how to develop others remotely including practice to develop skills.
  5. Communication: the costs of over-communication; risks of under-communication; cross-cultural differences; using the right communication tool for the task.



  • To improve competence and confidence in managing remotely to ensure maximum performance and realization of individual potential
  • To provide tips, tools & techniques and best practice ideas on how best to manage remotely
  • Enhance global Teamwork and ensure global Leadership Development