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Managing remote teams in our digital era

Today we enjoy seemingly unlimited communications opportunities. There’s an app for almost anything, Google knows it all, and we don’t lack a vast variety of gadgets that are supposed to ease communication. And yet there are doubts emerging about whether the wealth of communications at our fingertips has been achieved at the cost of some of our more human skills – such as people management.

Has our digital era really improved the overall quality of management?  The pace has quickened, the audience has widened, demands for actions have increased, but, in this reactive whirlwind, do we find the time to think and really communicate? And if you add a new element to it – working remotely – the equation becomes even more challenging to solve.

Working remotely and in virtual teams has become commonplace in today’s business environment and this, unarguably, creates some significant management challenges. Managing remote teams is our course designed to help Outsourcing leaders address these challenges – from real communication unaffected by distance to high quality management. It tackles  common challenges that communication in our modern world brings and it introduces practical tools and techniques that can be used and applied immediately.

Leaders in Outsourcing set the tone for the high industry standards.  We can’t turn the clock back – but in becoming digital revolutionaries, and good leaders for tomorrow, we must guard against being blown away by novelty, unlearn valuable lessons or neglect hard won experience. Why not book your slot at Managing remote teams to get ready?


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