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Main advantages


When contemplating the ideea of a new possible location for developing a new business,   Romania offers a great range of advantages for foreign investors.  Among the greatest benefits Romania  provides,  we can list the following:

A. Market & Location Advantage

  • One of the largest markets in Central and Eastern Europe (ranking 7th in EU , with over 21 million inhabitants);
  • EU unique market gateway (access to approximately 500 million consumers);
  • Attractive location: situated at the turning point between EU, the Balkans and CIS countries, Romania is crossed by three important pan-European transportation corridors: corridor no. IV linking Western and Eastern Europe, corridor no. IX connecting Northern and Southern Europe and no. VII – Danube River, facilitating  the connection with  Northern Europe;

B. Resource Advantage

  •  Highly skilled labor force at competitive prices  – solid knowledge in foreign languages (providing multilingual support services/24 languages­ ),  technology, IT, engineering, etc.
  •  Highly educated people, flexibility, regional presence and proximity to customers;

C.Political Advantage

  • Stability factor in the Area – NATO membership;
  • Stability guarantee in South Eastern Europe;
  • EU membership.

 D. Social Advantage

  • No major union movements;
  • Labor relations regulated by the Romanian Labor Code.

 E. Legislative Advantage

  • Similar legal provisions as in EU  (Acquis Communautaire implementation);
  • Fiscal policy regulated by the Fiscal Code.

 F. Other Advantages

  • Well-developed networks of mobile telecommunications in GSM systems;
  • Presence of branch offices and representatives of various well-known international banks and companies;