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Let’s talk Corporate Wellbeing!

This was our call to Outsourcing Professionals at the beginning of November, when we hosted the first Corporate Wellbeing conference in Romania. The conference took place in Iasi and was the perfect opportunity for specialists from different companies to meet and talk about this topical subject.

After a day spent debating on the different facades of corporate wellbeing, participants reached a common agreement that it is not a program and it shouldn’t be treated as one. Rather, corporate wellbeing is a mindset! As a mindset, wellbeing should sit at the heart of the organisation, helping shape the culture and the identity of the business.

Why is it important?

Simple! We know that businesses with healthy, happy employees are more successful.

We can talk here about a positive/negative domino effect that wellbeing (or its absence) can have on the three pillars of an organisation: employees, customers, stakeholders/investors. In this ecosystem, any of the parts influences the other two – (un)happy employees make (un)happy customers, who then, in turn, create (un)happy stakeholders.

Research shows that a good strategy regarding corporate wellbeing can usually be correlated with:

  • stronger employer branding
  • reduced attrition
  • better chances for the company to be recommended to friends or family
  • increased engagement and loyalty
  • improved employee productivity
  • reduced sickness rates
  • better work-life balance
  • improved resilience

So, how well developed is your company’s strategy when it comes to corporate wellbeing? Are you equipped with a good understanding of your people’s needs? And, most importantly, are you ready for tomorrow?

If you are interested in organising a debate on this topic with your team, contact us here: http://www.amaliasterescu.ro/contact/.

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