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Junior Managers Bootcamp

Duration: 3 days

Audience: newly promoted team managers who need to consolidate and improve their management and leadership skills. It is also a good refresher in many management areas for experienced managers.



The program aims to help new managers in their transition to a people management role and to equip them with the knowledge and skills to develop the performance of the people they manage.

The workshop is designed to be very practical, highlighting the challenges involved in managing performance effectively and provides the opportunity for learning through experience, practice and reflection.

The program aims to offer new managers a good understanding of the 3 pillars of an efficient management system: Performance Management, Talent Management and Coaching for Managers.

It also aims to reinforce and embed coaching behaviors in a safe experiential environment where delegates are able to embrace risk, challenge themselves and develop coaching confidence & agility.



This program will enable participants to:

  • Align individual and organisational goals, and agree outcome-focused objectives;
  • Set clear and concise performance objectives using the S-M-A-R-T model ;
  • Understand and apply the competency model when managing performance;
  • Align objectives to development needs and construct an effective plan for further development;
  • Prepare and conduct positive and productive performance meetings (formal and continuous);
  • Focus performance through coaching and feedback;
  • Manage poor performance and deliver difficult feedback;
  • Identify their own personal motivational drivers and that of their direct reports;
  • Use and apply management models to remotely manage geographically and functionally diverse teams more effectively;
  • Develop efficient talent management strategies and invest in potential;
  • Develop and apply coaching skills in the on-going performance management process with their teams;
  • Create an organizational culture of coaching and leadership that can unveil people’s potential, improve employee motivation and ultimately business results.