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Romania ranks 13th in Global Services Location index 2015!

The Romanian outsourcing market in the last years has been expanding rapidly, and according to A.T Kearney research, Romania has a big potential and in the future the country could become one of the most wanted markets for software outsourcing development.

A.T. Kearney has published the 7th edition of their Global Services Location Index™ 2016 after evaluating 55 countries across 3 majos categories: financial attractiveness, people skills and availability and business environment. Based on this research, in 2015 Romania has significantly improved its position moving up 5 positions, and it currently ranks 13, from 18 in 2014. The advantage for Romania is that Labor costs are lower than in Poland, but the business environment is still trying to catch up.

According to the Employers’ Association of the Software and Services Industry in Romania, large international IT vendors currently operate approximately 50 centers, most of them BPO- and IT-related. About 50,000 Romanians work in the outsourcing industry and the country has a deep pool of skilled IT workers to draw on. Major centers include not only Bucharest, but also Cluj-Napoca in Transylvania and Timisoara in the west.

Romania is highly competitive when you take into account the level of technical proficiency and soft skills in the country.

What are the benefits to outsource in Romania?

  • First of all, Romania is a EU member state, so we have more simplified legal and financial issues.
  • Also the geographical location, because Romania is easy to reach with 2-3 hours flight from most of Europe’s capitals.
  • Almost 90% of the Romanian IT professionals speak English, but they are also fluent in German, French and Italian.
  • Another advantage is related to technical expertise – the IT professionals in Romania are highly skilled in a wide range of leading edge technologies like mobile, Java, etc.

In 2015 Romania reached place no.13 on the Global Service Location Top – this is a positive sign for the Romanian outsourcing industry but in the same time a challenge, so let’s be prepared! Outsourcing Club – one of the first industry community who reunite members of local industry , will continue to educate, connect and create opportunities for the local outsourcing industry in 2016. More information here http://www.outsourcingadvisors.ro/outsourcing-club/


Source: www.atkearney.com


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