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Master of selling over the phone – training

When: June 4th – June 5th , 2015


Course Overview

Designed and delivered by seasoned experts with extensive knowledge and management experience in the BPO industry, this course is designed to enable you to operate at the highest level of communication and persuasion when selling over the phone. It will help you understand the need for a positive attitude and how it affects your listening and effectiveness, why it is so important and so difficult to actively listen to customers over the phone and what barriers inhibit your effective listening. You will learn the importance of having a good understanding of industry trends and gaining insight into the customer’s business context to ensure you truly understand your customer’s needs, gain trust and maximize your selling opportunities.


By attending this practical and highly interactive course you will be able:

  • Move past the price barrier into the value selling proposition
  • To use the active listening skills and identify the subtle nuances that alert you to what your customer really needs and not necessarily what they are actually telling you
  • To quickly determine whether the person you are talking to is really looking to buy or whether they are merely window-shopping
  • To know when to talk, when and how to ask questions and when to just keep quiet and listen
  • To uncover your customers’ fears and concerns giving yourself the best chance to meet their needs thus creating a much higher level of rapport and trust
  • To understand and use the subtle conversation and political background that influence your customers’ decisions
  • To obtain fine grain detail without asking questions, ensuring that you effectively discover everything relating to your customers agenda and discovering exactly what they want


Where: Bucharest

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