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If you are a manager, this article is for you!

Hello you, yes YOU! Here’s a question we hope you have thought about when becoming a manager; in this case, the answer should come easy.

What do you want to be remembered for by your employees?

We’re not talking about the final memory here, but about that memory that will define your relationship with each of your employees. The fact that a manager plays an important role in the lifecycle of a team is no secret to anyone. The fact that people don’t necessarily leave a job or a company, but they leave a manager, shouldn’t be either. So, again, what is your legacy defined by?

Our proposal here is this: make sure that all your legacies, big and small, brief and long, are positive for the people whose careers you touch. One way of doing this is making sure you know how to respond to their needs and how to motivate your them to be and give the best when money is not the answer. As a manager, you might have already been in a situation when a salary increase was not possible or when a team member decided to pursue a different path despite an offer for a salary increase. So, when money is not the answer, what other tools can you use to keep the talent in the team?

Recent studies have shown that financial motivation is not something that lasts over time if not paired with some other elements that respond to our core human needs of growth, appreciation and interconnection with others. If well understood and applied, these aspects can be used as methods of retention and loyalty of employees. This, along with practical tools and methods to identify personal drivers and put together a motivational plan for your team has been packed in our Non-financial motivation practices workshop. So, if you want to find out ways by which you can galvanise your workforce and make sure you are not that boss that makes your team leave, book a slot today. The workshop is suitable for team-leaders, junior and senior managers, top talent aspiring towards management roles.

‘Nobody can build the bridge for you to walk across the river of life, no one but yourself alone.’

Book your slot for the Non-financial motivation practices workshop.


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