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“I am an Outsourcing Professional” – Cornelia Zorila

Cornelia zorila _ Outsourcing advisors

With a major in Business Administration granted by the National Academy of Economics Studies in Bucharest and over 9 years experience in the Outsourcing field ( managing the operations of multiple projects from Romanian domestic market, covering a vast array of support functions such as Customer Support, Sales Operations, Service Inquiry or Telemarketing activities) – our community highly recommends Cornelia Zorila as a true Outsourcing Professional!

Cornelia started her career back in 2004 with a position of Customer Service Representative at one of the biggest Outsourcing companies in Romania : Computer Generated Solutions.Her responsibilities included offering live support to customers with defective products or registered complains and solving the issues through follow up activities.

Within 2 years time,she was promoted to a position of  Team Leader – as a direct result, she has experience in managing the operational part of a team and supervising the KPI’s. Furthermore, she is proficient in providing coaching and guidance for the team members.

In 2007 she took over the role of Project Manager – position that strengthen her knowledge in team management and business organization.Cornelia is an expert in coordinating project activities, team evaluations and recruitment process for middle management.

She became a key employee inside the company and in 2008 she received a well-deserved promotion to a position of Operations Manager.Cornelia’s current responsibilities include planning, setting, implementing and controlling each project’s activities ( scope management,  KPI alignment to the business objective, identifying business opportunities) and call center operations ( project implementation, quality assurance, managing specific outbound campaigns.

Furthermore, she is proficient in understanding the organization’s financial performance, an expert in communication and  human resource planning and last but not least an efficient supervisor of all remote activities done inside the company.

Proactive, diplomatic, hardworking and dedicated  – Cornelia Zorila is a True Outsourcing Professional !




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