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I am an “Outsourcing Professional” – Alma Ionescu

Outsourcing Advisors Alma Ionescu

With a high streaking seven year career Alma Ionescu is truly an Outsourcing Professional !

With a broad IT experience ranging from IT operations to project management Alma Ionescu can truly make a difference,whether we are talking about an outsourcing or an in sourcing environment .

Her experience with multinationals such as ENEA , HP or ZINFI Technologies,the extensive list of trainings through she grew during this time and her negotiation and strong analytical skills are what sets her apart in the Outsourcing  Industry.

With an expertise that covers a broad range of skills she can assist a company in the following areas :

  • team management
  • selling
  • product management
  • strategic planning of various teams
  • reporting
  • supply chain management
  • customer setup and deployment
  • project implementation and planning
  • transition and change management

Alma is a fast learner(specialist in using efficient learning techniques to acquire and apply new knowledge),master in problem solving and self management.

Outsourcing Advisors highly recommends Alma Ionescu as a strong and experienced professional,and a valued asset of any outsourcing project!

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