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Gender happiness in the workplace and tools to increase it

A study by employee benefits provider, Personal Group, draw our attention as it delivered a slightly surprising result in the context of the recent Gender Pay Gap discussions. The company published a Gender Happiness Gap research after interviewing over 1200 UK employees about their happiness, enthusiasm, pride, and efficiency at work. The results demonstrate a significant gap in the workplace happiness between men and women across the UK, with 45% of female staff stating that they’re happy most of the time at work, versus only 38% of the male staff.

We can’t help but wonder – how would the results of a similar research look like if done by industry or by country?

This study is of upmost importance as companies are striving to become more agile. Agility is directly correlated with a productive and engaged workforce. Unhappy employees make for a less productive, creative and involved workplace, and it goes on. To add to this, Mark Scanlon, Chief Executive Officer at Personal Group stated:

The results of our survey are worrying to say the least. The fact that so many employees rarely or never feel happy at work shows that many businesses are doing something very wrong and are likely suffering the consequences in lost productivity. The results make it clear that more money doesn’t result in greater workplace happiness, so the real question is: how can we close this happiness gap and increase overall employee productivity?

At Outsourcing Advisors, we have already tried to answer to this question when we wrote about Non-Financial motivation and the benefits that we all benefit from. We recognise the importance of building one’s own coherent motivation strategy and plan in order to drive that all across the organisation to match the company’s vision and strategy.

For a more in depth conversation about the tools that leaders and businesses can use to change the motivation, satisfaction and happiness-at-work balance, join our Non-financial motivation practices workshop – beat the standard!


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