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Gemini CAD Systems is building a new Technological Center in Iași

Gemini CAD Systems is building a new Technological Center meant for sustaining production and innovation activities

Gemini CAD Systems, a company in Iaşi, involved in developing technology for the flexible materials industry, reveals its plan for building a new Technological Center. This project, estimated to complete in September 2018, is aimed at strengthening the industrial equipment production and research activity, as well as the development of software products.
At the same time, it involves creating a development and interaction hub for both established companies and local technology start-ups. This means creating an infrastructure for cooperation between service and equipment providers, and a network of technology experts.
The Technological Center will cover a 5,600 sqm total built-up area and will include 2,400 sqm of production space for the industrial equipment, one of the largest open-space office areas of Iaşi – 1,890 sqm, and a multifunctional conference room.

About Gemini CAD Systems

Gemini CAD Systems is a leading global supplier of technology for industries working with soft flexible materials such as textile, composites or leather. Our activity, based in Iași, includes research, development and implementation of software, hardware and workflow solutions for apparel, furniture and automotive, with focus on computer aided design (CAD) and computer aided manufacturing (CAM) applied in the cutting room.
The company currently has 121 employees and a comprehensive experience in developing proprietary products that involve expertise in algorithmic, C++ programming, mechatronics and industrial equipment. Gemini CAD Systems has so far sold 16,000 software licenses, in 38 countries, having recorded, by the end of 2016, a turnover of 4.3 million Euros.




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