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The future of outsourcing on the Romanian market

In the past few years, in the north-east area of Romania, Iasi has become an important hub for the IT industry, now being one of the top four IT hubs in the country.

The area has been a point of interest for companies representing affiliated companies or development departments belonging to some big players on the world market, either development centers founded by outsourcing companies. So far, the trend has been to focus on software development, the result being that today we can find in Iasi high level technical profiles, though still not enough considering the potential capacity of the market.

The question is what’s the next level? How do we move forward? We have reached an advanced level in terms of software development, programmers have increased their professional level and we are recognized as a top destination for outsourcing. The increasing conglomerate turnover of the local firms stands proof of this saying, this value having almost doubled from year to year. As we plan to step our game up, we must begin to develop complementary skills and management skills, in addition to the technical ones, and to develop the ability to better understand customer problems and to successfully identify and implement solutions. The success factor in this era of communication is to be closer to our clients.

Kantar Retail and Beenear plan to encourage the local professional environment to make that next step. In order to achieve this goal, we will open an IT consultancy department, which will include the top profiles interested in setting up a career based on both the technical knowledge and business expertise, career involving a global availability for a job in a multicultural environment.

What are the targets and how does one achieve them? We discussed this with Patricia Chirica, Business Development Manager of Beenear, a major player on the IT market of Iasi since 2004.

Who is Kantar Retail and what does the partnership with Beenear involve?

Kantar Retail is the world’s leading retail and shopper data insights and consulting business and is part of the Kantar Group, the data investment management division of WPP. The company works with leading consumer goods manufacturers and retailers to transform the purchase behavior of consumers and shoppers through the use of retail and shopper insights, purchase data analytics, consulting, organizational development and retail virtual reality services.

Kantar Retail is operating in over 50 countries from a network of offices around the globe.

Beenear is a company that provides nearshore software development services in the mainstream technologies, for over 13 years to customers in Europe and the United States of America.

The partnership between Beenear and Kantar Retail is one that developed over time, reaching a level now that’s involving the necessity of an increase of 50% in the next six months.

What is the targeted profile and the team?

The Kantar Retail team is a young squad, made up of professionals that consistently focus on the development of their professional skill-set, both technical and soft skills, so that they can fully respond to the requirements of clients. The working environment is one focused on obtaining a multicultural experience.

An increase of 50% of the team will be in the direction of delivery. Delivery consultants have the opportunity to gain experience in a multicultural environment, to gain business expertise, complementary to the technical skills. They are involved in a variety of high-profile IT projects, such as the implementation of a management solution for the selling process created by Kantar Retail, having the opportunity to work side by side with some of the biggest players in the global CPG market.

Basically, the professional profile shall be responsible for ensuring the technical configuration and implementation of the solution, personalizing the customer solution, and at the same time represents the reference point for the client and for its structure. The role involves a willingness on the part of the candidate, a flexibility to acquire multicultural experience in a global environment. We are talking up to 50% traveling of the time worked, therefore the passion for travel is a must for this profile.


We understand now the direction that Beenear wants to develop. How do you plan to make this happen? What are the targets?

I will try to answer this question on the basis of the objectives. The main objective in the long term, is to have an increase of 300% in turnover in three years. Considering the direction the market is headed to, to provide to the end-users an increased level of services offered, and to have at the same time professionals that are able not only to find the optimal technical solution but also to be able to customize and present the solution to the customers’ non-technical structure, a delivery consultancy department can help us achieve that goal.

As regards to how we plan to achieve this goal, we’re talking about the Beenear-Kantar Retail partnership, a partnership allowing us to move in the same direction as the market, to steadily expand the team, to integrate professionals who share our characteristics and our values, and to whom we can offer the best conditions on the market.

What do you mean by the best conditions on the market? IT field today is a very competitive one, where motivation and staff retention is a common issue encountered by all companies and addressed in various ways. What will be your approach?

I understand that what I have presented so far involves great expectations from our colleagues, and it is clear that we must provide strong incentives for attracting suitable profiles. We are talking about a retributive policy focusing on fidelity, on the rewarding the availability of flexibility to travel. The opportunity to have a much higher salary than the market level, to have access to a fidelity fund which increases jointly with the seniority within the team, to receive bonuses depending on the number of days traveled are only a few of the benefits we guarantee.

Thanks Patricia for the insights. We wish you & Beenear success in achieving these objectives and we hope that this new direction can help improve the local environment in bringing a new opportunity of development for the sector.


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