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European Shared Services Organisations on today’s hot topics: Millennial Talent, Digital Disruption and Customer Experience

SSON Analytics has recently surveyed leaders of European Shared Services Organisations (SSOs) to find out how are these tackling important current topics, such as millennial talent, digital disruption and customer experience. The European SSOs, representing multiple industries from manufacturing, to technology, banking, financial services and insurance, healthcare, pharma and  media, just to name a few, have given some interesting insights into their efforts of keeping up with the trends.

Millennial Talent

An overview of their current workforce shows that for more than a half of the European SSOs that have been interviewed, Millennials make up more than 60% of their workforce. This trend is consistent across all SSO maturity levels, the only exception being the recently established centres with initial processes migrated.

Offering more flexibility and mobility through working from home or flexible hours policies is the top way (60%) in which respondent companies are trying to retain their Millennial employees. Allowing creative expression (54%) and providing opportunities for continual skills upgrading (52%) are also popular strategies to retain and engage Millennials.

Digital Disruption

The survey suggests that the majority of the European Shared Services Organisations interviewed have started on their digital transformation journey, ranging from being digital explorers – willing to try digitising processes but need guidance – to being digital transformers – companies who have synchronised initiatives and aligned with enterprise business strategy. When it comes to the budget allocated to digital innovation and automation, the SSOs that are more advanced on their digital transformation journey have dedicated a greater percentage of the total SSC budget to this area. For example, 67% of the Digital Disruptors spend >10% of their budget on digital, while 32% of the Digital Explorers spend less than 3%.

Robotic Process Automation (60%), big data and analytics reporting (50%) and cloud apps and mobile solutions (44%) are the top 3 most popular digital transformation technologies implemented by the respondents. On the opposite scale, Robotic Desktop Automation, Internet of things and Artificial Intelligence seem to be the least explored areas.

Customer Experience

When asked how their customers’ expectations have changed recently, most respondents (58%) said that they’ve noticed an increased need for simplification so businesses can focus on their core, adding that the customers have definitely raised the bar, demanding more self service capabilities, ease of doing business and SSOs to become a true partner.


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