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Emerson hires 500 employees in Cluj and Oradea

May 12th, 2013, Leave a comment
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Emerson hires 500 employees in Cluj and Oradea

Emerson Company will hire another 500 employees in Cluj and Oradea as a direct result of production expansion.

The above action reflects the investment done in a factory based in Oradea , with a cost reaching 50 million EUR .

“We are looking to hire another 500 employees this year for the Campus based in Cluj  but also for the one in Oradea where we will start to build the new Emerson factory “ – Calin Banciu , general manager Emerson Romania

In Oradea , a new center of production and support will be developed and in Cluj the production capacity will be extended. 15 million EUR will be invested.Emerson will build a new warehouse and an office building on 7,000 square meters in Tetarom 2.

The total investment done in Cluj will reach 125 million EUR.

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