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Eager to see a series of interesting trends in IT Outsourcing ?

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As global outsourcing approaches its third decade, the US $1.6 trillion industry proves by itself that outsourcing is a hot business globally and enables various corporations to be more competitive in this dynamic information-explosive era.

I have the least intention to repeat the obvious benefits of outsourcing to my readers like cost savings, enabling IT managers to focus on their companies’ core competence instead of IT projects, etc.

What I am going to address to you are some very interesting trends and tricks concerning the future IT outsourcing industry which you may or may not be aware of yet. Use them to your advantage.

Eco-friendly managed IT services

More and more companies are starting to advocate the paperless office in recent days. So the logical step for those companies is to look for an IT outsourcing firm to help them achieve this. Here goes the example: when you run an onboard training for the new joiners, you no longer need to print out the staff guidance, company intro etc., instead, your IT vendor will build an application for you with a slim touch-screen tablet which enables new joiners to learn all about the firm with simple touches. The application is also easy to update and is sustainable.

Pleasing the Generation Y

As you all know, generation Y (people born between 1982 and 2000) is the most relevant generation to the internet era. And nowadays, the market consists for 1/3 out of consumers from Gen Y. IT outsourcing is the perfect weapon for companies who want to retain/attract more Gen Y clients with their IT vendors’ latest cutting-edge technologies.

Fewer and fewer information leaks

Many people will challenge this statement as they believe information leaks are hard to combat based on the experience that even giant companies like Citi group or Linkedin fall into the trap. However the very truth is that 99% of information security issues could have been prevented. This is another critical role IT outsourcing vendors can play by providing the highest level of information security to its client’s with their professionalism on IT.

Outsourcing unequal to cost saving anymore

As the outsourcing and value-adding service industry is becoming more mature, companies will increasingly consider choosing partners that deliver upmost quality. They increasingly take quality delivery as a priority instead of running after the cheapest. The key issues that weigh the most when clients evaluate outsourcing vendors are: highly skilled people, low attrition rates, best work practices, quality of graphical design, and adequate project management.

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Author : Effie Xiang

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