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Busybiz – the benefits of online networking and experience sharing



How valuable is a national online network where entrepreneurs can interact, share their vision and successfully negotiate different projects, bringing added value to the business they develop? About the real power of networking and the importance of experience sharing, in an exclusive interview offered to Outsourcing Advisors by Marius Ogrean, Managing Partner Busybiz –  an online platform particularly created and dedicated to companies that wish to communicate, stay up to date on business opportunities, close deals and benefit from quality services.

Outsourcing Advisors: You have an extended experience in regards to software development, gathered during numerous collaborations with different companies that operate in this particular field. This year you have implemented BusyBiz, an online platform for entrepreneurs in Romania. Tell us more about this special project, what does it focus on, who is the target audience and how can companies benefit from its services?

Marius Ogrean: Busybiz wishes to become a platform where companies can interact, communicate, stay up to date on business opportunities and projects, close deals and benefit from quality services only. At present, the platform has 3 basic components: a social network that allows entrepreneurs to contact each other, exchange ideas and pieces of advice; a group buying component where several companies that belong to the same network and have the same needs can obtain, throughout common engagement, substantial discounts from suppliers due to the large volume of orders and last but  not least, a software outsourcing component that can help companies to improve their internal processes using customized software provided by Busybiz.


OA: You focus on the “network effect” – the idea of collaboration and networking between companies that share the same profile – what is the true importance of this activity and how much does it influence the business environment? How can it be performed in an efficient manner in order to gain as much profit as possible for all the parts involved?

MO: I have made an internet research to see how many online communities are actually created in Romania that focus on bringing together companies with the same interests and concerns. To my unpleasant surprise I realized that they were very few. I would have expected to see online platforms serving specialized companies such as furniture manufacturers, textile sellers, etc. I don’t deny their existence entirely, but they are not visible online and cannot be searched via the internet. Accessing a  platform as Busybiz companies can interact more easily, they can get in touch with the market needs more rapidly ( so that they can come up with needed offers ) and they can gather together into larger groups and successfully negotiate better prices from suppliers ( the group buying component ). As a result they will gain more market visibility and they will better promote themselves.


OA: How would you describe the Romanian IT Outsourcing industry at present? What are the strengths and skills that Romanian professionals have and how do you see the development of this market sector in the near future?

MO: The IT Outsourcing Industry’s capacity is not used at its full potential in Romania. As in many other areas, Romanians have a native intelligence, are creative, have language skills and always find solutions to the problems they are faced with. As a direct result, we can honestly affirm that the Romanian IT market could easily handle more significant, complex and visible projects than at present. I have worked in 3 different outsourcing companies, one local and 2 multinationals and even if the projects I took part in were interesting, the added value brought internally and to the customer was not significant. Romanians should always strive for more and not simply be satisfied with a salary above average. Only by having this kind of winning mentality and investing in local projects can we raise awareness in regards to the Outsourcing area and make ourselves known worldwide!


OA: How wide is the company’s range of activities in terms of accessing Busybiz? Only IT professionals are accepted to take part on the networking activities or the fields vary?

MO: Any company, having any kind of business profile can join Busybiz. The platform, as explained above, can assist them with professional IT Outsourcing assistance, among other services as well.


OA: Beyond the activities that aim towards the IT area, you have also experience in sales, training and HR. You have successfully invested on the stock market and are attracted to politics. How important is the knowledge gained in various fields when it comes to a young entrepreneur? Can we start a business with only the experience gained from one particular job or do we need a broad overview in order to be successful?

MO: In my opinion, if you want to create a business from scratch you need much more experience that the one you can gain in a single job. Of course, there is the possibility of starting a business if you have worked in a very particular line of business up until that point and you have found an opportunity worth taking. But the opportunity alone is not enough. If you don’t have sound economic knowledge, if you lack communication and sales skills and don’t understand what is the true meaning of a company is and what really makes it go further, then an unforeseen situation may completely derail the project. The most important asset gained by the experience in several fields is the confidence you are provided with, and the fact that you can address all sorts of issues and always end up successful.


OA: The markets you are currently working with are represented by Romania and Italy. Do you plan to extend on other European countries as well – perhaps the US? What is the most effective way in which a networking portal can promote itself and extent its activity abroad?

MO: Any service can be extended abroad, especially an online project such as Busybiz. A social network for entrepreneurs can put you in contact with companies based in different countries and that can only bring more business opportunities. The software development for companies is an activity that has no boundaries. What matters the most is the visibility and quality of services.


For more details in regards to BusyBiz and its characteristics please visit: www.busybiz.ro


Interview taken by  Daria Ionescu, Outsourcing Advisors






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