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Are you a student? 5 reasons for accepting a job within RO Outsourcing Industry

Are you looking for your first working experience? Are you attracted by corporate environment? Do you speak 2 or more languages or do you have specific technical skills? Local outsourcing industry might be the best answer for your current needs. Please find below 5 main  reasons for selecting a job within this industry and if I did not manage to convince you – I can expand my list,  at your personal request.

1. RO outsourcing industry had a significant growth in the past 5 years (~12,000 jobs created since 2008) – this is an industry which is working well in both  economic crisis years or in prosperity years; From this perspective, growth means new jobs, new roles created, new promotion opportunities on both vertical (management roles) or lateral (e.g. specialists roles); If you want to promote quicker and to develop faster your career, choose this industry!

2. In outsourcing, Change is something common – this is why, in order to respond quicker to more and more customer needs, process transformation, automation or other triggers, this is an industry where you will receive a lot of training, you will be exposed to on job training or other learning opportunities – this means that you will join this industry without knowing too much and in maximum 2 years you will Know… more than you ever anticipated.

3. Where rapid  Growth and consequent Change are best friends – Opportunity will join quicker this “partnership”. Rapid growth means new projects, new assignments, enhancements of your current role, exposure to other processes, procedures, different cultures or customer behavior. Outsourcing industry is one of the few industries where you can be exposed to different customers behavior from multiple countries, to specific ways of doing business from various time zones / geographical regions. The information package that you will have after 2-3 years – working with different cultures –  will generate for you many advantages on the local or regional labor market – as a future candidate.

4. Outsourcing is most of the time related with big names which are acting as Outsourcing providers or big corporation which in-sourced locally. As a student or young graduate, learning from big corporations – at least 1-2 years – can be one of the best training you will ever had. You will learn why quality standards are important, why you need to be customer focused, what performance measurement means. If you want to become an entrepreneur one day – the basics of how to manage people can be accumulated during your stage in any corporation.

5. Romanian outsourcing industry attracted mainly very young professionals. The average age might be different from a segment to another, in contact centers for examples the average age can be 22 years old but in Shared Service Centers can be 26 years old. As a fresh graduate or young student this is a great (or should I say  cool) working environment!

I wish you good luck and suitable roles for your career dreams!

Author: Amalia Sterescu – Sr. Business Consultant


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