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Amazon Development Center Romania has doubled the number of employees in a year

Amazon Iasi.Outsourcing advisors

The Amazon Company ( largest online retailer in the world ) with an opened center in Iasi ,reached to a number of 118 employees last year,a number almost double since 2011,according to data provided by the Ministry of Finance.

In 2011,Amazon Development Center Romania SRL had a number of 63 employees but only in 2 years the company’s management team has doubled this number and had also rented another 1400 square meters in the Palas Complex in Iasi,reaching a total number of 2000 square meters of used space.

Amazon Iasi recruits not only IT professionals but also specialists in customer service and customer care.

At present , the company has 12 jobs available , published online for young graduates/experienced professionals to apply to. Half of the  jobs offered require IT knowledge ( software engineer, systems engineer or systems engineering manager) whereas the other half refer to the retails support area for Italian Spanish and German speakers.

Those who work in support have to ensure that all the correct information has been uploaded on the site, process customer queries in time, analyze data, search missing data from the site, find the main problems that can occur in the supply chain and resolve them,etc. Also, candidates who have experience in areas such as outsourcing or working with customers (customer service, call center) have an advantage in recruitment.

Amazon has direct competitors in regards to the recruitment process in the software business : Pentalog Iasi, Endava, IT E.ON Romania, Ness Romania, Comodo Security Solutions. Also, a major competitor for  Amazon in Iasi especially for  the customer support area is the Xerox service center.


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