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20 most valuable brands all over the world

the most valuable brands 2013

Each year BrandZ and Millward Brown ranks brands according to the value they records globally. The first place is taken yet again by  Apple although the records show  that after  the death of Steve Jobs the company seems to have lost that spark of innovation and goes on only out of inertia .

Despite a 95% decrease in the rate of growth in terms of revenues and profits, Apple has gained 1% in brand value, reaching 186 billion USD.

Vice-president of Millward Brown, Oscar Yuan told Business Insider that in this ranking, the most important weight is not represented by  financial results but by the  interaction with customers and on  how customers react to the brand message and  the products or services offered.

In order to  identify consumer trends, the company conducted a survey on  a panel of over 200 million subjects from 43 countries. Although speaking in  financial terms, the company founded by Steve Jobs is not at it’s best, in terms of brand perception they are still on top.

The top 20 global brands for 2013, in an ascending order of their value, are:

20. Mastercard – 27.8 billion USD
19. SAP – 34.36 billion USD
18. Walmart – 36.2 billion USD
17. Vodafone – 39.7 billion USD
16. ICBC – 41,100,000,000 USD
15. UPS – 42.7 billion USD
14. Amazon – 45.7 billion USD
13. Wells Fergo 47.7 billion USD
12. Verizon – 53 billion USD
11. General Electric – 55.3 billion USD
10. China Mobile – 55.4 billion USD

9. Visa – 56 billion USD
8. Marlboro – 69.4 billion USD
 7. Microsoft – 69.8 billion USD
 6. AT & T – 75.5 billion USD
 5. Coca-Cola – $ 78.4 billion
 4. McDonald’s – 90.3 billion USD
 3. IBM – 112 500 000 000 USD
 2. Google – 113.7 billion USD
 1. Apple – 185 billion USD

 All of the brand names listed have created outsourcing points and in house businesses all over the world , being represented in each and every country throughout the globe.

The third company in the top presented above , IBM , has a vivid presence in the Romanian market as well,( representing an in- house business ) and   providing job opportunities for young graduates as well as for experienced employees . Their recruitment web site welcomes new comers and the company has recently provided new professional opportunities .For more info , fell free to visit their site.

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