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who we are
Who we are

What do we offer?  We offer consultancy services for potential investors in Romanian Outsourcing, advisory on shared service centers, training for outsourcing professionals, coaching services , guidance on career development for both outsourcing professionals and ambitious aspirants.

What do we do differently? We manage to stand out in the industry through informing, educating and developing the pride to be part of a strong community  –  the Group of Professionals working within the Romanian Outsourcing Industry.

Why do we do it? We believe in the potential of the Outsourcing Community to attract new investments and to position Romania as the no.1 European Outsourcing destination.



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Master of selling over the phone – training

Course Overview: Designed and delivered by seasoned experts with extensive knowledge and management experience in the BPO industry, this course is designed to enable you to operate at the highest level of communication and persuasion when selling over the phone. (+) more
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If you work within Romanian outsourcing industry (e.g.: BPO, Contact Centers, Shared Service Centers, Global Business Centers etc.) or if you are interested to become part of this industry - please upload your CV here! We will promote your profile and we will make this more visible to recruitment agencies specialized in this niche! We will do our best to support your career goals! Thank you!

Why Romania

  • One of the largest markets in Central and Eastern Europe (ranking 7th in EU , with over 21 million inhabitants);
  • Highly skilled labor force at competitive prices  – solid knowledge in foreign languages (providing multilingual support services/24 languages­ ),  technology, IT, engineering, etc
  • Highly educated people, flexibility, regional presence and proximity to customers;
  • Cultural similarities with Western cultures.
  • Stability factor in the Area – NATO & EU membership;

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